Syncrony soft or hard pull????

Syncrony soft or hard pull????Syncrony soft or hard pull????
Renwikbug asked 5 years ago

So tried for CLI over automated telephone system, after rep said he could not do it via chat he said that it would be a soft pull. Automated process took me like one minute, just asked me last four of SSN, net income, if I own or rent, and how much I want increase for. Got declined. Said there will be letter sent out.

called number, talked to rep they said they pull all three bureaus and its a hard inquiry?!?!? I only heard that for mortgages pulling all three. Man hope I did not waste an inquiry!! Any clarification on this? Usually get email with two min of credit pull from various sources, nothing yet. Hoping it was soft.

what do you guys think?
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Marco Chathuranga replied 5 years ago

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Mike Dennis replied 5 years ago

WHY??? WHY??? WHY DON’T THEY WORK??? Thanks for wasting my time.

Hassan Babu replied 5 years ago

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zirk fl replied 5 years ago

LOL !!!!

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