Summary on Credit Report

Summary on Credit ReportSummary on Credit Report
Terrylen asked 4 years ago

So I started my journey to repair my credit sometime in the last 2.5 months. Since I started I have gotten late payments removed, collection accounts completely deleted, and accounts updated to reflect the correct information. I have also requested Paid in Full letters from all accounts that have good standing, and I am waiting to receive letters from companies I have already spoken to.


Well I have USAA and I was using the credit check and ID Monitor but I have noticed some inconsistencies so I canceled my membership. I was down to 2 accounts in collection, I have already spoken to the company and with a settlement they are going to completely remove and delete it out of my credit report / history. I pulled my credit reports tonight and now my EQ is showing I have 4 accounts that were ever late and now I know 2 of them should be reporting because those are the ones I did “pay to delete”. The other 2 have 0 balances, werent reporting before now, and I feel like this really hurt my score.


Heres what the summary states on my credit report for all 3 CB.


Accounts ever late: EX- 2, EQ- 4, TU-1

Collection Accounts: EX-3, EQ-4, TU-3

Installment debt is the same across the board

Revolving debt: same across the board


Funny thing- EX and TU are reporting same total debt, EQ is reporting more but there isnt anything differe. I combed thru my report with a fine tooth comb lol


Okay so now to the scores. 581, 585, 587 but when my credit report was pulled a few days ago my credit was 553. Could that just be they pulled FICO and not vantage? (USAA used the Vantage 3.0 score.)  I also noticed “things hurting my score” are way off. Its showing my oldest account is LESS THAN 6 months old- I have accounts open from 2009.


I have fallen on financial problems recently (recent discharge from the military and benefits havent kicked in yet) so until I have income flowing again I wont be able to sign up for myFICO. I want to sign up for the 3B FICO I believe its called, the $ 30 a month one LOL. I just want an accurate update on my scores after the hard work I have put in to fix my mistakes.

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