Suggestions??? What would you do NEXT?

Suggestions??? What would you do NEXT?Suggestions??? What would you do NEXT?
PhilipWen asked 5 years ago

Hello everyone!
I would like to share my credit story with you all and hopefully get some feedback, advice, opinions….etc.

I am fairly new to the wonderful world of credit and got a little credit happy in the process. So please share your opinions, suggestions, what you would do next if you were in my shoes Smiley Happy

– I got my first personal loan (300) from my credit union about 6 years ago (with cosigner)
– paid that off and then was approved for a 600 loan (with cosigner)
– once that was paid off, about 2 years ago I qualified and was approved for the same CU’s Visa cc (500 CL)

(Here’s where I get credit happy)
– 1 year ago approved for a Victoria’s Secret store card (350 CL)
– approved for my first unsecured signature loan with my cu (approved for 1500, took 1K, went back later and changed to 1.5K

Hubby has a much longer credit history then I do, but also a messy one. We ended up going back to the cu and applying for a 5K secured loan that we used to consolidate and clean up his credit a little bit. (Paid off his Kay Jewelers (500 CL that increased to 2.4K after pay off) and Synchrony Bank furniture finance among others. Put a little towards the mortgage.

Introduced to MyFico at this point and started learning about all the different forms of credit.
– approved for Capital One Platinum & QuicksilverOne (both 300 CL) (hubby approved for QS1 $ 300 and Platinum $ 500)
– approved for CreditOne (300 … Big mistake)
– approved for Kohls Charge (300)
– approved for Kay Jewelers (400)

At this point I started realizing I was getting my hands full with low limit, high interest cards and was wanting something that would give me a higher limit and grow with me. I have had only 1 late payment ever (Victoria’s Secret) but I got myself into a pretty high utilization.

– opened PenFed savings (for use in the future)
– approved for Cabelas Club Visa (1.5K!)

Now…I have gardened myself as of 12.15.15 and plan to stay there for 1 year. I disputed my one and only collections account through Credit Karma (Sprint) and it was removed from TU & EQ! Now I am just working on getting my cards paid down and improving my utilization.. Have not received Cabelas Visa yet so that limit is untouched.

My first and for sure move is to pay off CreditOne and close that account. But I’m unsure about whether I should keep all my other cards or not.

Any random thoughts? Suggestions? Tips?

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