Suggestions for which to apply for….

Suggestions for which to apply for….Suggestions for which to apply for….
BorisDom asked 4 years ago

Looking for some suggestions on what card to apply for.

Fico scores across the board sit around 785, I only have one card right now with a small 5k limit and about 10% util.

Only wanting to add one card to my portfolio, looking for 0% APR for a year or more, good rewards and one I could possibly get instantly approved for around 15k.


I have no negatives at all and many many closed in good standing accounts, auto loans etc.


I am closing on my house and will need to purchase some items for it so that is why I am looking to add to my portfolio with something that has better rewards.  Lowes and Home Depot are not an option since there are no rewards. 


Thanks all!!

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