[Successful] Chase Freedom CLI, bigger than I expected!!

[Successful] Chase Freedom CLI, bigger than I expected!![Successful] Chase Freedom CLI, bigger than I expected!!
MichaelApash asked 5 years ago

Hello all,


So I recently pulled the trigger and requested a CLI on my Chase Freedom, knowing it will require a hard inquire. My CL was at 13k, which is the lowest of all my cards. I began with 9k when I initially opened in 2013 and had an auto CLI last year to 13k.


So I requested a CLI to 30k (x2.3 my old CL of $ 13,000) yesterday, and received the 7-10 days message. Logged into my account today and saw that my CL is now at $ 30,000!! I thought they would have countered as I did not expect this easy of a request approval from Chase. FWIW, my wife requested and only got $ 500, to increase her CL from 4500 to $ 5000 so she can change the card to a Visa Signature.


So… makes me wonder if I had left some amount on the table. I fully expected them to counter me at $ 20k or $ 25k. I did not expect a CLI from $ 13k -> $ 30k. This was an easier request than my Amex, which I only asked for $ 25k.


Am I at the max of my Chase Freedom now, or can I ask for more next year? I currently only have the Freedom from Chase, but plan on getting the CSP maybe next year when I travel more.

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