Success with removing paid state tax liens?

Success with removing paid state tax liens?Success with removing paid state tax liens?
RichEventNN asked 5 years ago

I have 3 tax liens on my Ex, 2 on TU and 1 on EQ…all of them show released/paid. I called today and all 3 bureaus advised me that the liens will not be removed until 7 years after the lien was marked released. All but one of them are from Maryland. One is from Georgia.

When I asked TU for the estimated date of deletion, it was no where near 7 years. It was a random date for both of them. One was like 4 years from date released and the other was like 5. When I inquired as to the difference in dates, the rep just kept repeating the same stuff and asked me did I want to dispute it. The earliest date of deletion is 2017 and some of them go to 2020.

Having said all of that, can anyone speak to the impact that these liens have on my CR? They are almost my only negatives (minus a 3 year paid collection reporting only on EQ). From my research it seems that it’s hit or miss with getting the liens removed earlier because the state that filed them, has to remove them from their database.

Any thoughts?

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