Stupid Mistake

Stupid MistakeStupid Mistake
Spups asked 5 years ago

I’m insanely mad at myself right now. Who knows that Capital One can post balance transfer within 24 hours??? :smileymad::smileymad::smileymad:

Originally I wanted to transfer my $ 1,200 balance on Venture to Discover, which I did 3 days ago, and this transaction is still pending. Thinking that I could lower the util rate on Discover card by making another transfer to QuickSilver, whose statement ended today, I started the transfer yesterday, and now my balance on QS is $ 750, right before midnight. Not only I let 3 cards report a balance, but also I “max” my QS out :smileymad:
How the hell am I that stupid :smileyindifferent:  

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