Student Loan Score Surprise

Student Loan Score SurpriseStudent Loan Score Surprise
Warrenseene asked 4 years ago

So we are building and scheduled to close around April 8th.  It is a VA Loan and I have done my best to get my mid mortgage score from 587 to 638 over the last 4-5 months.  


I work for the federal government and can get my student loans forgiven after 120 consecutive, but to have them forgiven them, they have to be “Direct Stafford Loans”.  Two of my loans were not.  So at the beginning of November, my servicer consolidated them over to “Direct”.  No other changes.  No rate changes.


Thing is….reports now show those two loans as paid in full (one for $ 8000 and one for $ 4000) and they are upping my score.  The new “Direct” loans are not showing on the report.  My concern is that once they show up, I am going to see a major dip in my score.  How much concern should i have?

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