Stellar Recovery Making My Life Miserable!

Stellar Recovery Making My Life Miserable!Stellar Recovery Making My Life Miserable!
AshleyHaumn asked 4 years ago

I was doing so well ya’ll! I was well on my way to the 700 club. I had just received a nice cli from $ 500 to $ 12K with NFCU. I just got approved for my highest CL with Capital One Venture at $ 15K. Then everything went out of control. First Stellar Recovry hit Experian and dropped my score 20 something points. I did a little research on the boards and decided to send a TX DV letter since I live in Texas. I emailed it to them. I received an auto reply about corresponding through email. I did not comply with what it said as I had no interest in corresponding through email. The letter said to correspond through US Mail. Two days have passed. Today I received another alert that Stellar Recovery has also hit my Equifax report. Help! My scores have dropped so much! I don’t mind taking care of the debt. I just want the entry removed. It’s an old Time Warner debt. What can I do? What are my chances of success?

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