Starting my rebuilding journey…Need some advice

Starting my rebuilding journey…Need some adviceStarting my rebuilding journey…Need some advice
GeorgeFethy asked 4 years ago

I have been reading the forums for several weeks now and my brain is on overload!  I am ready to start rebuilding my credit and need some advice as to next steps.  I apologize in advance for the long post!  Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!!!!


My current situation is:


2 Judgments –  1 falling off in May and the other (Cap1 for $ 1,977) on 9/2018  Should I pay this off and have the judgment vacated?


5 Collections 

CMS Medical  $ 282   6/2017  (Already disputing the medical collections)

CMS Medical  $ 135   9/2018

Midland         $ 12,959  7/2016

SCS              $ 543     7/2016



4 dropping 4/2016  Appears EQ has already removed them, score jumped 27 points.  Waiting on EX and TU to remove

CAP1           $ 2,781   6/2016

Portfolio       $ 1,957   6/2016


Student Loans

ED Financial 2 reporting 120+ days late from 2011 but they have been rehabbed and now current reporting under AES TL

FedLoan 2 reporting 120+ days late from 2011 but they have been rehabbed now now current reporting on 2 new FedLoan TLs.


Positives all current/paying as agreed and no lates

AES SL  $ 39,102

FedLoan $ 6,931

FedLoan $ 8,721

CAP1 Auto $ 20,487  Opened 12/15

Chrysler Auto $ 1,640  Opened 10/13

Sync/Amazon SC  $ 21  CL 800  Opened 12/15

Sync/Sewing  $ 0   CL 1,000   Opened 8/15

Comm/Cath  $ 262  CL 1,100   Opened 12/14

Comm/CB  $ 165  CL 500   Opened 2/16

Various past positives including car loans, closed store cards and installment loans.  


AAoA  EX 7.7  TU 7.6  EQ 6.6

UTI     EX 13% TU 6%  EQ 13%

INQ     EX 6  TU 5  EQ 8

Scores  EX 612  TU  617  EQ  630


I have many questions but mainly I want to make sure I do things in the right order and don’t jump the gun on anything.


1.  I know I need a credit card.  Do I apply now or wait until July when most of the COs, Collections and 1 Judgment fall off?  If I should go ahead and apply what card would be the best chance for me?


2.  I am currently disputing the medical collections as I have NO idea what they are.  I researched this extensively so I think I’m on the right track here.


3.  I talked to FedLoan about the duplicate TLs for the SLs and they advised me to do a direct dispute.  Has been mailed.   


4.  I need to call ED Financial about the duplicate TLs for the SLs as well since most of these should have been removed after rehab.


5.  CAP1 Judgment not coming off until 9/2018.  Should I pay and attempt to have the judgment vacated?


6.  Numerous name variations and past addresses on all CRAs, should I attempt to have these removed?






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