Starting my journey…

Starting my journey…Starting my journey…
asked 5 years ago

Today is the day I have decided to take charge of my bad habits and begin down the road to good credit. I am a full-time student and a part-time worker and I’m graduating this May. I have a job lined up and will be making 4x what I make now. I’ve made some silly mistakes, basically spending way more than I make, etc. I have no derogatory marks on my report so I think that means the process of rebuilding my credit might not be so bad afterall. I have found the advice on these forums very helpful and will be using this community now and in the future for advice and as a source of information!



Here’s what I’m up against:


American Express Costco TrueEarnings: $ 904/1000

Discover It Student Card: $ 941/1200

Capital One QuickSilver: $ 747/750

Capital One Platinum Mastercard: $ 805/1000

Chase Slate: $ 989/1000

Amazon Store Card: $ 680/1700


TU: 597, Experian: 602, Equifax: 579


My goal is 680+ 90 days after the start of my new job. I’ll be paying these down ASAP.




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