Starting from the top!

Starting from the top!Starting from the top!
NahouseOVarl asked 5 years ago

So I am a newby here and I believe that I am starting from a very good place. So my stats are as followed: Ex:705/TU:698/EQ:684. I just got approved for my second credit card (Wells Fargo Cash Back, and now the Amazon Visa Card). I have had my WF card for a month now. Since this is my first attempt to grow my credit, or even check my credit, what should my main goals be within the next six months? I have read that opening too many cards at once is bad, so I definitely don’t want to do anything to reduce my scores. Yet having cards and buying power helps in keeping me happy. I was thinking about getting a shell card since my wife is having to live out of state right now with the car while I am in NYC. Just some general direction from people who know more about this than I do would be fantastic! Thanks!!

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