Springleaf Rant

Springleaf RantSpringleaf Rant
divanTarma asked 5 years ago

Sorry about this rant, but, Springleaf just won’t budge.


Back in 2013, my mom and I went in together on a loan with Springleaf.  Later that year in December, she passed away and I tried for 6 months afterwards to pay our bills that we had previously shared.


I’m on SSI due to several health issues and worked with the creditors every which way I knew how to keep the bills current until June of 2014 when everything fell through my fingers.


My credit report and score tanked to 480, and, last year in May when I could think clearly again, I began reading this board and rebuilding my credit.


I’ve gotten 2 judgments satisfied, satisified the rest of my outstanding debts, except for Springleaf which I am paying $ 72.50 on every month until May of 2017, and was approved for Cap 1 Quicksilver, Cap1 Platinum, and the Amazon Store Card.


Even though I am following through with the new payment plan that Mr. Samms set up, they are reporting late each month all across the board. That is really hurting my efforts and I can’t understand why they are doing that. 


They have to be one of the hardest companies to work with I have ever come across.


Thanks for reading my rant.


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