Spouse Authorization Not Needed?

Spouse Authorization Not Needed?Spouse Authorization Not Needed?
Mjuterbof asked 4 years ago

Hey everybody!  I’ll try to make this as short as possible.  My husband and I are currently in the process of rebuilding our credit so that we can look into buying by the end of 2016.  My husband told his cousin of our plans, and he (the cousin) passed my husband’s information along to a realtor, who then passed the information on to a loan officer.  I told my husband that he can pull his own mortgage scores on here so that an inquiry doesn’t show up.  He just wanted to have someone look at his information to see what would be the best way to increase his scores.  Thanks to MyFICO, I already know what my Mortgage Score currently is and how to improve it.


Well, on Friday, the loan officer called.  According to my husband, he pulled his information.  Since my husband and I have a joint account there, the loan officer pulled my information also and he ran my credit without my authorization!  I never talked to the loan officer…until he finally answered my call on today.  I told him that I want the inquiry removed from my credit report since he never spoke to me.  He said that in SC, he doesn’t need both spouses to authorize a credit inquiry if it’s a joint application.  I’ve never heard of that in my life!  


I do plan on disputing the inquiries with the CBs, but I was just wondering if anyone knows whether his statement is true or not.  I’ve been researching it, but I’m unable to find anything.

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