SP CLI’s and Debt/inc ratios and some advice please

SP CLI’s and Debt/inc ratios and some advice pleaseSP CLI’s and Debt/inc ratios and some advice please
NahouseOVarl asked 5 years ago

Long story short I am waiting for a new kidney and in the mean time over the last few years my income is only around 15k yearly. Ive been working on my credit in hope of a bright future with a mortgage and car payments etc.


I really wanted to upgrade my USbank basic cash rewards($ 500) to a cash plus with a higher CL to put family plan cell phone bill on it, Called and neither is available without a HP, so I declined.


CapOne, started with a plat($ 300) had a auto CLI to $ 1300 after 6months. couple months later upgraded to a QS . Today I did a online CLI and it got bumped to $ 3800.


FNBO AMex started with 1k CL. Called and had an offer for a CLI to 3k CL.


AMEX everyday started with $ 1300 did a hesitent 61day 3x CLI only asked for $ 2500 approved then couple months ago had and auto CLI to $ 3500. Today decided to do an online CLI and ask for 10k expecting a counter, but I was approved.


Chase freedom is my newest card with at about 3 months old with a $ 1300 limit. got the $ 200 bonus not really worried about using that until Christmas and amazon.


So that puts me at around $ 18.6k CL with only $ 15k annual income for now. I do have an advantage of putting alot of spending through for my parents as I to alot of target/grocery shopping for them. So if I keep spending and PIF or pretty close keeping my UTIL down, I should be okay right?


I am carrying small balances of around a couple hundred on AMex and chase they are interest free for around another year. 


Do I need to shrink some credit lines?Can you do that? Ive been honest with all my incomes on Apps and CLI submissions. I mean I kind of like it because it will keep my UTIL nice and low.



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