SP CLI for Kohl’s

SP CLI for Kohl’sSP CLI for Kohl’s
Ernestacoub asked 4 years ago

I know the census data for the Kohl’s card is somewhat limited.
Thought I’d add my info into the mix!

I’ve had the card for six months ( starting today!)
I started with $ 300, got an increase of $ 400, so my CL is $ 700.

I had tried last week for one, but was denied because my card hadn’t been open for 6 months.
Tried again today, and instant approval :-).

Credit History Background:
Kohl’s was the first card I got, 3 months after I got the QS1 with a $ 500 CL,

and just this month I got approved for the Discover It for $ 1,000.

TS has 11 INQs, Equifax has 8, and EXP has… 15 I think?……..

Ontime payments, and moderate usage on the Kohl’s card, always PIF and have never carried a balance.
Same goes for my QS1 although, that might change due to some unforseen vet visits :-/.

Hope this helps! 😀

*edit* Credit score is 676 on TS and Euq.
although Discover pulled my credit and showed 701 xD

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