Sooooooo I’m moving to Korea

Sooooooo I’m moving to KoreaSooooooo I’m moving to Korea
linaitame asked 4 years ago

I just been informed of a job offer to teach in South Korea. I’m set to leave in May. Now I’m totally trying to figure out how should I manage all my cards in a different country? I read somewhere that MasterCard is widely preferred overseas, I only have one MC an it has an FTF. I have 5 cards with no FTF, 4 Visas one Amex. I’m wondering should I get a CC issued by a South Korean bank once I get there? Would I be able to? And how should I avoid my FTF cards not being closed for non-use? I’ll still have bills to pay back home, so maybe I should put one recurring bill on each card? Will I be able to pay my CC bills in foreign currency? I’m so excited but so nervous lol

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