Some credit help

Some credit helpSome credit help
richeventvladimir asked 4 years ago

Hello All!


I think I know the answer here but I’d figured I’d ask to see if someone with more expierience has some better insight. 


So I have 8 Credit Cards

Cap 1 QS 200 owed / 1500 CL

Cap 1 Plat 75 owed 1000 CL

Macy’s 220 owed 1500 CL

Discover (Secured) 185 owed 1000 CL

Credit One 450 owed 800 CL

First Priemier Credit Card 600 owed 700 CL

Amazon 0 owed 600 CL

Wal-Mart 0 owed 800 CL


I recently got my work bonus and want to use some to pay off these cards, my question is, should I close the First Primier and Credit One? I have had the Credit One card opened for 3 years and the First Primier for only 2 months, I applied and got it for an unexpected expense for my cat, luckily he is okay now and the card was good for what I needed it for (tried to get personal loan, but was denied). Should I pay off the cards and hold them? The only issue with that is, they charge a monthly fee of 8.95 to just have the card so I would be paying that monthly, for no reason. I’m wondering if it will really hurt my utilization that much? 


Any thoughts would be great. I do have some old student loan collections, and 2 missed car payments on my auto loan. Discover FICO reports a score of 689. Wondering if it would change dramatically if I paid them off and closed them. 1 being old(er) and 1 being very new. 


Thanks in Advance!

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