Some Auto CLI !

Some Auto CLI !Some Auto CLI !
caszosapelo asked 5 years ago

So I have had my kays card now for about 4 years or so, started off at 500 then 800 then 1100 then 2500. For valentines day I bought my daughters bracelets, and paid them off over a couple of months. I sent a email asking for a cli and they replied that if I wanted one that I would have to go into the store. I declined so I didn’t think much more about it. A couple of days ago I logged into my account verifying that I had a zero balance, and much to my suprise they had increased my CL to $ 5000.00.   


I also have a chase disney premier card that I have had for about 1.5 years. The initial limit was $ 2500 when I checked my chase accounts I though I was looking at another account but no it was my chase disney with a $ 5000 limit now. My first chase auto increase. I wish they would do that with my Freedom. 


My kohls card has increased from 300 – 700 – 1500 in the past three months. Very excited since I love shopping there. Four years ago it took 4 applications for finally get approved for a Kohls card. 


All in all it has been a fantastic last three months credit wise. My scores really increased when I got my utilization down. Even with baddies (that are paid and within 1 year of falling off) I am able to get cards with decent limits. :smileyhappy:  Big changes from 4 years ago. 


I have read many post here on my fico, everyone has been extremely helpful. 


Thanks everyone. 



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