Some advice needed.

Some advice needed.Some advice needed.
fausaMixail asked 5 years ago

I have about 4 companies on my reports that I know is valid debt, I hear that a creditor does not have to agree to send a letter of deletion when paid in full but does anyone have a template or customer letter I can send in regards to making sure that when I complete my arrangement they will indeed report to the brueaus and show as paid in full?


Also, I just wanted to know, alot of these are credit cards that had low limits but because of interest/finance charges went way above my balances, I can arrange and make arrangements montly to pay these accounts off in full, but they all seem to offer settlements which include  40-60% off the original balance reported on my credit file. Will settling at a lower amount vs paying in full effect my credit score and what does anyone reccomend? I admit I am at fault for bad decisions in my life and can understand why the balances are so high but have deal with the devil cards such as credit one who is up over 1k on a 300 limit. 


Lastly, there is an account on my profile for gas and electric that I had moved out and they continued to charge me, I would like to dispute this what is the best way to go about it?


Thanks for all the advice.

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