Solving a non-existent 30-day late issue

Solving a non-existent 30-day late issueSolving a non-existent 30-day late issue
Daursessy asked 4 years ago

Maybe some of you guys can help me. I tried, not sure what else to do on a 30-day late that appears on all 3 reports, yet is not true.


It’s an unusual situation.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged in the fall of 2013. A mortgage and a car was included in it. However, I continued to make the payments on time before, during and after the bankruptcy. In fact, I have never been late on any type of payment, and had a 800 credit score the day I filed for BK (due to large legal fees owed to attorneys for fees in a business litigation, resolved through bankruptcy).


So the credit reporting agencies see that the mortgage and car was included (my BK lawyer did not let them know I wanted to keep them), and show me as late. However, I have proof, which I sent to all three, that I was never late. I sent the proof in twice. They all came back saying the report would not change.


Suggestions? It is affecting my credit.


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