SOFI …I was curious about their rate so I applied for their preapproval :)

SOFI …I was curious about their rate so I applied for their preapproval :)SOFI …I was curious about their rate so I applied for their preapproval :)
GoodvinLels asked 5 years ago



 Just want to share my preapproval app for SOFI today. I was just curious. I was preapproved for up to $ 50,000. Here’s the rate of the $ 50K I chose:


Fixed rate:                                    Monthly Payment:                                        Interest rate:


3 yr                                            $ 1,558.18                                                       7.625%

5 yr                                            $ 1,016.81                                                       8.125%

7 yr                                            $ 794.97                                                          8.625%


Variable rate:                                Monthly Payment                                        Interest rtae:


3 yr                                             $ 1,530.74                                                       6.425%

5 yr                                             $ 973.63                                                          6.300%

7 yr                                             $ 749.75                                                          6.800%



What do you guys think? With the rate they gave me I think they are pretty good, it’s even better than my Penfed PL at 9.99%. …Now, I am thinking of getting it and payoff my debts (car refi, new PL from Penfed and some CC debt).

If I go for a full application and let’s say I get approved (hopefully), will it be a BIG concern for banks/lenders since I recently got approvals of new CCs from Amex (PRG/BCP), Citi, BoA, Penfed, DCU, and Barclay about a month ago? I’m Concerned for AA from these CC banks if I get this loan Smiley Sad… I am planning of paying off my car loan, PL from Penfed, and some CC balances. What do you guys think? Should I try and go for a full app? Thank you.

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