So many questions..

So many questions..So many questions..
cinekzetmer asked 4 years ago

Ok so we are trying to clean up our early mess from our early 20’s and set ourselves up to buy a house..

Working more diligently on his credit becuase I’m not working and will be home with our youngest for at least the next 4 years so since home buying will be based solely on his credit and income we figure that’s the best way to do it.

he has a

$ 300.00 Bank of America secured card that will be PIF next week

$ 200.00 Capital One secured card that will be PIF next week

$ 300.00 Kohls card with a zero balance

$ 250.00 Victoria’s Secret with a zero balance

(We use Bank of America/Capital one and PIF several times a month) is it best to leave some less then 10% use on ONE card when it reports? How do I determine when it reports?

Should it be a different card each month that shows the 10% use and swap out which ones report a zero balance?

Should we add funds to the secure cards to build the available credit?

Also our credit union offers a super low interest secured loan that reports to all 3.. Should we add a loan like that to his credit profile? He has no car loan or anything so just 2 credit cards and 2 store cards..

Sorry for the novel! Thanks for the help!

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