So many cards, which one to use? Old timers.

So many cards, which one to use? Old timers.So many cards, which one to use? Old timers.
Irenehix asked 3 years ago

I had a question in regards to myficoers with so many cards. I, in general, just know it, I will want them all (all the credit cards) because I am a collector (used to be hardcore gamer). However, the hard question comes, how do you manage all  these cards? Example, I love my PRG, I can buy unlimited stuff with it. I already spent 1500 on dining this month and i tried spending power and typed only 1k in to check and it said i was approved. Building MR is great as well since I have the EDP/PRG combo. Once the 6k spend on groceries are gone for the year I planned to switch the groceries to PRG.. Once I get the HHonor surpass, that will take over my dining leaving my prg in the wind. Basically, do i just split the use? Could any of you old timers with more history (a lot of cards) give me examples or tell me how to  place spend on all these cards still with the possibility of obtaining CLI? hmm. or all your cards really high because it took you years to build the CL before getting new cards?


1500 dining

200 gas

3500 bills/misc 

1k Groceries

1-2k on Department stores

20-100 Entertainment

I may be higher or lower by 500

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