So I’ve chosen the first 2 Collection Accounts I want to Tackle. How do i contact them?

So I’ve chosen the first 2 Collection Accounts I want to Tackle. How do i contact them?So I’ve chosen the first 2 Collection Accounts I want to Tackle. How do i contact them?
exejoir asked 5 years ago

Hello Everyone,


I’d like to thank everyone for their advice in my previous(also the first) post .  I’ve been reading alot on this forum, just trying to get an understanding of the system, and how best to dig yourself out.  I have 2 Accounts in collections that i want to resolve as soon as this week.  I just want to make sure that when i do pay i take the best and most efficient way, with all intentions to life my feather weight score of 501  so to the background info:


Account 1:

Capitol 1  – 

HighBalance – $ 727

Limit – $ 500

Condition – Derogatory

Status –  Collection / Charge-Off

Opened – 05/12

Last Payment – 02/18/2013

Reported – 10/06/2013

Remarks – Charged off as bad debt|Purchased by another lender


The Collection Company for this Account is PORTFOLIO RC and they report as following:

Condition: Derogatory

Current Ballance: $ 727

High Balance: $ 727

Status: Collection/ chargoff

Opened: 01/2015


My Remarks:

I am really mad for burning this bridge with capital 1.  they gave me this card when no one else would give me one.  After coming on this board folks told me that this relationship could possibly be rebuilt one day, it gave me hope.   



Account 2:


Condition: Derogatory

Current Balance: $ 109

High Balance: $ 109

Status: Collection/ Charge-off

Opened: 09/16/2014

Original Creditor: Comcast


My Remarks:

This Account has got me stumped I was always in good standings with comcast.  I just closed my account in 01/2015 and i got my deposit back.  I have never even been in contact by this company. If any of you have comcast you know that you have to be on the phone with them constantly and you can’t talk about anything unless your bill has been paid.



So with that background info i’m hoping the fine folks on this forum can help me with the following Questions:


How should i Contact these creditors?

— Should i Mail,Fax, or Call?


should i Contact Capitol 1 First? is this relationship mendable?


Should i contact Comcast about that mistaken Account? Should i call the collection agency? should i just dispute with the Credit agencies?


Is it Possible to remove the negative history? what should i ask for in regards to reporting on my CR?


Should i push for a Settlement or a Paid in full? Would this affect my demands i have against future/past reporting?


Thank You all for your advice again.  Although i would like to get another Credit Card, i just got denied a Secured Card from my bank, so my short term goal would be to get a secured card from somewhere.



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