So Discouraged :( Need Advice

So Discouraged :( Need AdviceSo Discouraged :( Need Advice
richeventvladimir asked 5 years ago

Hello Everyone Smiley Happy


This is my first post but i have been lurking here for months, Thank you so much for sharing your stories and experiences they have been very valuable to me as I started my rebuilding journey 7 months ago. I have made lots of mistakes with my credit and it’s really become an obsession now to rebuild it. I filed bk in 2006 and have re-established but I’m not where I should be. 


I was able to raise my score approx. maybe 109 points on my ex. file by paying down my reported debt on the 2 cards that I have, getting a CA deleted and settling on another. My last baddie was in March and I have been current until today. As of today I had 46 point drop from 639 to 593 on my ex file. A new collection agency reported for a 6 year old debt they are trying to collect on and my auto loan at gm financial reported a 30 late because I was 37 days late with the sept payment. I just started another loan with gm financial this month so the old account is closed but the last report is 30 days late for Oct. 


More steps to try to improve my file I added some new credit.

Besides the new deal with gm I was able to add two more cards to my file. But now I am afraid that this new 30 day late payment will stop me from getting cli on the cards I have (cap 1 quicksilver 1 boa secured cash rewards and macys)  I also wanted to try for being considered for early graduation for the boa after 5 to 9 months? Now I may not get increases for the higher limit and better rate cards I am seeking. I have 2 collections  and a charged off account to wipe off next year as well as my bankruptcy so i have that to look forward to but all my progess over the last 7 months is gone and the clock restarts to 0 months without a late payment. I tried talking to gm and got nothing but a payment history in the mail and i know I can dispute it with the credit bureau but should I just wait it out until the payment history cures/recovers from the score drop?

I will never get higher credit limits now or at least not for 2 years. Anyone out there that can telll me where to go from here? Besides get my utilization down (it’s 23%) to 7% is there anything else I can do? Thank you for reading Smiley Happy



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