Small Update!

Small Update!Author "ivusanaxo"Small Update!
ivusanaxo asked 5 years ago

 Hey guys! About a month ago I started my journey to rebuilding my credit. 


Original thread was here


So far I’ve had four baddies removed from the transunion report. Waiting for them to report the 3 GLA accounts to be removed, although they’ve already been removed from Experian. So that means I’ll only have two remaining collection accounts remaining, and they’re set to fall off before the end of the year!!!


I’ve also opened up two credit cards. One is a $ 200 that I recieved today, and yet to use. I’m doing my research on this so my cards can help me grow the most. The second card was from my bank, Park Community credit union. I applied for a secured card, expecting to get a $ 200-300 limit, but I was surpised when I was informed that I got  $ 500 limit. I know it isn’t huge, but it’s the small wins that matter right?


I also just made the second of nine payments to get my student loans out of default. These are really bringing my score down, but hopefully once those loans are brought out of default I’ll see a significant score increase. 


So currently my scores are as follows.


EQ – 549 TU – 572 EX – 532


CK Lists TU as 588 and EQ as 598


TU is the only one that has increased, and not by much(+13 points.) Hopefully once these cards start reporting, I’ll start sniffing 600.



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