Should I wait to apply for pre-approval?

Should I wait to apply for pre-approval?Should I wait to apply for pre-approval?
richeventvladimir asked 5 years ago

*Mortgage scores are 702EQ, 719TU, 706EX… kind of a long complicated question. the market is warming up and I live in a somewhat competitive housing market for the range I am looking in. this month (march) I will have 2 full years of excellent reporting for one credit card,(hasnt reported yet…..)next month i will have 3 full years of excellent auto loan payments, also a hard inquiry will fall off, and finally after april 25th the last negative mark will fall off of experian… when this same mark fell of TU, my score jumped 105 pts… spring time is house time I know, but will it make a big difference if i apply now, or wait just two more months and be in “better” position? It seems like an easy answer to me but I keep mulling back and forth… Thank you so much for your help everyone

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