Should I Start trying to Garden Yet?

Should I Start trying to Garden Yet?Should I Start trying to Garden Yet?
NikkiTut asked 5 years ago

Hey everyone!


I have two baddies on my credit report from college. The “last activity date” recorded in my credit report for both of them is April/May 2009. This leads me to believe they will drop off sometime in the summer/early Autumn of 2016. Because this is the case, I plan on letting them fall off.


That being said, I have had a secured credit card since last June. It has a credit limit of $ 950 and I have a utilization between 5-12% whenever it reports. (I understand utilization doesn’t have a memory, but I’m not over-utilizing.) I have no late payments on this card.


My current FICO scores are as follows, though: EX 641, TU 598 (ugh), EQ 604.


I want to know what y’all think about my starting to attempt some gardening in January or February of 2016. I’d really like to start getting a bit more aggressive with bringing the score up. I know I have the option to put more money onto my secured card, and I probably will, but I feel like I need to start diversifying a little bit.


Thanks in advance!

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