Should I Negotiate and Pay??

Should I Negotiate and Pay??Should I Negotiate and Pay??
GeorgeFethy asked 4 years ago

Hello, I previously had a credit card account with USAA for 7k. Due to life’s circumstances and poor decisions I fell behind tremendously on this card and USAA has it labeled as a charge off on my reports. Today I called USAA to inquire on ways to clear my name and reestablish positive history with them through a settlement or making payments. USAA advised me that the account being charged off has been handed over to a collection agency named Viking. Interestingly this collection agency doesn’t report my account but USAA does. I called the Collection Agency to discuss payment arrangements and see what can be done. My question is being that my score is still rising without touching this account is it worth it to pay it? I’ve read that paying charge offs can result in negative consequences to your score. Being that it’s with a collection agency should USAA still show on my report that a balance is owed? This account has been reflecting negatively for a year now.

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