should I GW this?

should I GW this?should I GW this?
subzopokatuff asked 4 years ago

I have an older installment account with Affiliated Acceptance Co. that was opened in Jan of 2007 and the last payment was Jan 2010. 


Monthly payments were $ 200

This creditor only reports to TU. It is not on my EX or EQ. (And my TU is my highest score)



one 30 day late in Oct 2008

one 60 day late in Nov 2008


Are these affecting my score since they are so old?

Since the last payment was made in Jan 2010, how long does this stay on my report. Until Jan of 2017?


I haven’t seen any mention of this creditor on the forum. They were the billing processors for a independent health club membership contract that I had years ago. I think the lates happened because the monthly payment was linked to auto pay on a card that expired and I wasn’t notified about it until the damage had already happened. 

I personally know the owner of the club that I had the contract with and he would most likely waive the baddies if I asked him to, but I would prefer not to bug him and go directly to Affilliated Acceptance. 


Should I send a GW letter to see if they will remove the lates? Or do you think I should ask the owner to request the removel of the baddies? I would prefer not to bug him, but if it means it would help my score, I would consider asking. 


Also, I have an older account in good standing with Affiliated Acceptance. (for the same club) Jan 2005 to Jan 2007. No lates. $ 150 per month. This is my only installment account on my report that is in good standing.(and it’s pretty old!) I don’t have any current installment accounts. I was thinking of getting a credit builder loan so that I can show a mix of credit. Do you think this is a good idea? Was considering the SDFCU credit builder loan I’ve seen mentioned on this forum, but I’m open to suggestions!!


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