Should I close my low limit older cards?

Should I close my low limit older cards?Should I close my low limit older cards?
richeventtula asked 5 years ago

I’ve recently greatly improved my credit rating and I was just approved for three cards in one day all with credit limits over 5k. I have $ 0 in credit card debt and I pay my cards off every month. My oldest card is only about 3-4 years old and only has a credit limit of $ 450. Should I just cancel the card?’ What about my new store cards with low credit limits?


Credit One $ 450 credit limit – 4 years old

Macy’s $ 650 credit limit – less than 1 year old

Kohls $ 300 credit limit – less than 1 year old


Capital One $ 1000 credit limit – two months old


Discover $ 6000 credit limit -just approved

Chase $ 4500 credit limit – just approved

Chase Sapphire Preffered $ 6500 credit limit – just approved

AMEX charge card – just approved

Credit card Scammers caught on camera

Lwanda Mhlauli replied 5 years ago

why this person was not arrested by the second time, these robbers always
take advantage of any security flaws so security needs to be tighten

Shaun Rossouw replied 5 years ago

Our wonderful South Africa the capital of the world when it comes to
crime……..Credit card Scammers caught on camera:

Mandla Afrika replied 5 years ago

High-five to the cashier for holding on to the card and risking her life. I
am also of the opinion that the, “customer to right”, was right not to get

Tyler Prattmacnicoll replied 5 years ago

Best way to find a scammer:
Step 1: Find a black person

and, that’s pretty much it

Jt TheRealme replied 5 years ago

The police ain’t going to do shit!!!!! These people are probably the police

Ams11121 replied 5 years ago

You’re more quiet than britney spears dietitio

Vanessa Rubio replied 5 years ago

The cashier was being way over dramatic about the incident but she did a
great job in holding on to the card and catching the scammer.

Lex Hollmann replied 5 years ago

We have these criminals on our radar.

Kwazi Msimango replied 5 years ago

Very importent to know what happan outside

Roy Blumenthal replied 5 years ago

Hi Lex…

Thanks for this video. Good to see how these people operate.

I’d like to suggest that you edit the title of the video to include
“Malelane, Mpumalanga”, as well as the date.

This makes it instantly easier for people to know where it happened and
where to be on the lookout.

I hope your cashier who was assaulted is okay. She looked pretty

All the best.

Onward and upward.

Glenda Sethoga replied 5 years ago

I think no body must allow any help to stranger, if your card is swallowed
by machines don’t move, try to stop it before leaving atm

DevanteG3 replied 5 years ago

Lol was tryna be superwoman then act shocked he snatched her up 

thembi khumalo replied 5 years ago

We are not safe at all

Deon Van der Westhuizen replied 5 years ago

At this point you realized that your security is worthless. At least lower
your cameras. A photo of someone’s head is useless. Ever wondered why the
packer dissapeared?

KevZen2000 replied 5 years ago

First rule of cc fraud, swap cc info for real currency, such as bitcoins,
unless it is a mule using the cc. Never go into a high traffic place and
use the cc.

Glenda Sethoga replied 5 years ago

Only thing I’ve see about them is they only rush to expensive things or
alcohol so that they can emmidiately smuggle that money fast,no one can use
his or her money for useless things.

Fudd Nugget replied 5 years ago

What currency are they using, I believe he said 15 thousand for the sale. I
would be incredibly suspicious of anyone willing to put that amount on a CC
and with multiple denies. 

Sammy B replied 5 years ago

don’t put your seld on dangers for the bank problems is he is steal it dont
worry banks have insuance they will pay back for the people

Timothy Padayachee replied 5 years ago

Credit Card Scammers caught on camera, (PLEASE SHARE)

6 of them have been observed at one time. Two inside the store and 4 in the
two getaway cars.

Getaway cars have false number plates on them.

The two cars we identified was a Red VW Polo (BFT 199 L) and a White Golf.
(BXB ??? MP)
(The BFL number is registered to a White Toyota.)

We know where they live and how they operate, but is is difficult to get a

They are firmly in out sights.

We want these people of the street. (Or at least not in our town)

Contact me via YouTube by commenting on the video, I will answer.
Lex Hollmann.
#creditcardscammer #southafrica #LexHollmann 

Mthobeli Farm replied 5 years ago

Which area is this …., scumbags

Marcus Shenay replied 5 years ago

Fuck that bitch at thr cashier fuck her

Joseph Matebane replied 5 years ago

..Pat That weave Guuuurl..GET IT! GET!……….. SIDE NOTE: When all of
this is happening, Where is your security?

Henre Truter replied 5 years ago

Saw this happen by similar looking guys in Mpumalanga the cashier got real
nervous and also called the supervisor who came to the till with the men
already fled in a red polo so maybe the same gang he and his friend ran out
the store 

Dion Botha replied 5 years ago

So typical of South Africans. What’s the point of having security if they
do nothing but take numbers. I may as well have my granny working security
I guarantee she’s sharper. Security needs to take action and apprehend
these criminals. 

Matome Ramphele replied 5 years ago

The customers have no obligation to do anything. Get tight security and you
won’t be saying the “customer on the right doesn’t do anything” 

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