Should I Cap 1 PC?????

Should I Cap 1 PC?????Should I Cap 1 PC?????
cinekzetmer asked 5 years ago

Just like the subject states. I currently have a QS and a Plat MC with them. I was looking to switching the Plat MC into a QS1, and after chatting with a rep online i was told the upgrade is avail. They said I can keep my APR (which is at 7.90) and the yearly fee will be waived. But my question is, is it even worth it? I already have a QS so the cash back isnt really a deal breaker… I recently recived a CLI (+1500 = 2250) via the Luv button in July, and now wonder if my limit will increase again. Has anyone had any experience with this ? I was thinking 12 months down the road move to a Venture 1 from there. Any thoughts/ideas/comments are more than welcome.

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