SERIOUS issue with Comcast

SERIOUS issue with ComcastSERIOUS issue with Comcast
eeyowidoego asked 4 years ago

Since late 2014 Comcast has been reporting a $ 90 debt that I do not owe them.  


The first CA that reported was STELLAR REC to TransUnion.  I disputed online and it was quickly deleted. This was Feb 2015


Then Comcast decided to send it to a different CA in June of 2015.  FOCUS MGMT then began reporting the same debt to TU. Again, promptly disputed and was quickly deleted. 


AGAIN, in December of 2015 Comcast then sent it to FOCUS-RM, now reporting to TU & Equifax, same results as above. Disputed and quickly deleted. 


NOW HERE I AM AGAIN: Comcast is back at it again with this invalid $ 90 dollar debt! Now sent to “Southwest Recovery”. Ready for the kicker???? I obviously disputed and 3 weeks later VERIFIED by Equifax!!! I’m at a loss for words. What the hell do I do now???




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