Seeking AMEX Green Card-New User

Seeking AMEX Green Card-New UserSeeking AMEX Green Card-New User
Melvinmon asked 4 years ago

Hello everyone!

First off, I’ve been searching for a good credit forum and I’m happy to see this one is always up to date in answering each other’s questions.

I always wanted an American Express Card. In January, I was denied the Costco True Earnings Card. My partner, however, was approved. This was the first credit card I applied for. I have only one unpaid debt of 150 or so dollars and I have student loans of 20,000. My student loans will be in deferment until August of this year.

Now I was granted as an authorized user for my partner’s Amex. While they are the primary, I run the finances for this card.

So far, since January, I never made a late payment nor have I ever carried a previous months balance over. I always pay in advance and keep my utilization down. I always have the money in my account so I just wait a day and pay it off through my phone app.

Since I started with AMEX, my score went from 682 to 718 on Equifax and from 672 to 701 on TU in the last month alone! I’m aiming to get a Green card in July.

I prefer a charge card since with my finances I don’t need a credit card as I always have my balance paid in full at the end of the month. Basically, if I get approved, the credit card would be put back in case of an emergency until the card dies and I get the Citi-Visa from Costco.

So, at the rate I’m going, do I have a good chance of getting the Green card? Thanks for your time!
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