Seeking advice on paying off a CC asap

Seeking advice on paying off a CC asapSeeking advice on paying off a CC asap
exejoir asked 4 years ago

Just to sum it up, I had a BK nearly 18 months ago and couldn’t include all my debt because it had been transferred to a family member’s CC. Coupled with my student loans, I came out of my BK probably needing one. Anyway, I’m desperate to pay it off as quickly as possible, and I finally have a better job, but it’s still a slow process, and obviously, it impacts someone else’s credit too.

I’m hoping to find some way to eradicate this debt as fast as possible. Even if I paid the same interest rate but managed to get it in my own name, that would be a huge relief. But with my credit history, my options are very limited. My scores aren’t terrible, but they aren’t great. I think they’re around 680-685 right now. I did get my first CC about two months ago, but the limit wouldn’t make a dent in what I owe (about 10k).

Are there any options I should consider? Would I have any chance of getting approved for a loan? I can’t express how badly I want to stop this from being someone else’s problem too.

Thanks for your time.  

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