Secured CCs. Finding out if they report it as “secured”

Secured CCs. Finding out if they report it as “secured”
eeyowidoego asked 3 years ago

I am going to apply for a secured credit card with my bank or whoever i find to be the best to start building my new credit.


So according to what i have been reading, it will be better to have one that reports as a regular CC instead of “flagging” it as secured right?

Where do you find this information? is it stated anywhere in their agreement or do you just go by word of mouth? I wouldn’t even 

waste time to “ask” the bank associate or whoever is on the phone. They will of course tell you whatever you want to hear so they can sell you the card. I want that information on writting.


I have done a search here on the forums and the posts coming up with this topic are already 3 years old or more. 

Some people mentioned capital One… but then it also says they will likely just raise the limits on the secured card and not upgrade to an unsecured one so i am not interested on that.


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