Secured CC or Credit Limit Increase Question

Secured CC or Credit Limit Increase QuestionSecured CC or Credit Limit Increase Question
Terrylen asked 4 years ago

I recently started restablishing my credit and I’m curious about how to handle something. I currently have some money set aside to book a summer vaction for my family. I would rather use a credit card for those type of purchases. I have 2 Cap One cc’s. A Platinum w/$ 350 cl and a QS w/a $ 500 cl. Both are about 4 months old. I know a CLI is coming soon but not in the amounts I’m looking to spend. My question is, should I open a secured card with the money I have saved? Then use it to book our flights, hotel, ect. Strictly for the benefit of it reporting on my CR.  If so, which secured cc do you all recommend? My CS’s are 614-619 on all 3 bureaus. I do have a few department store cards open (some with balances and some without) and a signature loan with my local credit union. Most baddies have fallen off but I have a repo from 1 yr ago (wrecked car and no insurance but currently paying on the balance again). 

Or would Cap One extend credit to me if I sent a $ 3000 payment to them? I’m not even sure that is possible but I’m curious.


Thanks in advance for any advice or recommendations! 

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