SCT doesn’t work for new in the credit game:(

SCT doesn’t work for new in the credit game:(SCT doesn’t work for new in the credit game:(
Haroldfum asked 5 years ago

I tried numerous sites, no luck. The only one seems to be working is Fingerhut with measily $ 180 limit. I have a perfect payment history.. I guess I have to wait before FICO score is in place to try again?

Easiest Credit Card to Get Approved For

Jennifer Bb replied 5 years ago

The easiest credit card to get approved for is the CAPITAL ONE QUICKSILVER
credit card. I have applied for well over 10 cards recently and the ONLY
one I was approved for was the Capital One Quicksilver card. My highest
credit rating is with Transunion, and I was approved for a $1000.00 credit
line with only a 627 FICO Score. Hope this helps some of you out there!

BDM Almaida replied 5 years ago

Are you kidding me you have a better chance getting approved for a capital
one credit card if you want an easy approval
But any amex card is extremely hard to get approved even with good credit
I thought the video was going to be about a secured cc from a local bank 

joe bellendier replied 5 years ago
Brayan Samayoa replied 5 years ago

Getting approve for a credit card is not easy especially if you apply for
the wrong one.. amex are harder to get since it requires good credit but
there are other cards out there that could help you build credit and even
earn rewards.. check out this site for more options…..

arthompson3529 replied 5 years ago

This was an annoying video. Get to the point, please. I could have done
without all the fade-in and fade-out and pointless graphics. Just the
facts. All the graphics are a quick way to lose your audience. 

gregory fan replied 5 years ago

American Express is the most corrupt credit card in the World! If you are
the best customer it means nothing to American Express. American Express is
part of organized racket by the Government of peoples homes, life savings.
It will be chasing you for any fraudulent charges on your account, for any
money stolen for services never rendered! Your legal membership will be
cancelled at the time when false arrest is coming about a week prior to the
set up of your false arrest by NYPD! The explanations why AMEX cancelled
your legal services paid in full for the year membership is “it is for your
best interests and never could be reinstated”! Run away from AMEX before
they had a chance to harm you! This is not the card, this is not the Bank
for lawful, innocent , not connected to corrupted officials Citizens!
Connected criminals. preferably foreigner criminals are welcomed and fully
protected by AMEX!

supercarlitos2006 replied 5 years ago

THIS VIDEO WAS SUCH A WASTE OF TIME. Making a video to last 2:27 with the
very little information provided this video would’ve last less than a

Pedro Flores replied 5 years ago


Ron Rahman replied 5 years ago

After spending time searching for the easiest credit card to get approved,
i finally found a website which helped me get a credit card approved
easily. For everyone looking for a credit card ,be it for shopping or
personal use, check out: EASIESTCREDITCARDTOGET(dot org)

TheNightFlyer replied 5 years ago


Fathurahman Alhikmah replied 5 years ago

Holla! Have you heard about Megamaxi Money Maker (google it)? Ive heard
some amazing things about it and my cousin made plenty of dough.

dandyky replied 5 years ago

The Amex green card is easier to get than blue. The easiest credit cards to
get are from loan sharks like First Premiee Bank and Continental Finance!

roxcyn replied 5 years ago

Creditcards (dot com) is a good website. I wasn’t aware of AmEx offering a
student card, though.

Marience Laga replied 5 years ago


marc chinama replied 5 years ago

Very pathetic and racist.

VeryLazyAngel replied 5 years ago

1. Pause the video. 2. Notice the lightsaber. 3. Dislike. 4. Lookup “Pink
fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows [10 hours]”. 5. Enjoy.

scott walker replied 5 years ago

2 long and 2 boring 2:27 vid and only at 0:58 does anything really
interesting comes up…blah blah blah

Fntshdrgn replied 5 years ago

really want a amex card follow these directions: 1: get a job 2: goto 3: get your new card 4: choose your credit limit 5: add that
amount to the card 6: enjoy your new prepaid card 🙂

CountedHail65 replied 5 years ago

@swcs100Tell me numbers 😀

Robyn Williams replied 5 years ago

I had an Amex blue at 18. And I didnt have a ton of credit at the
time….sooo not too hard to get

Ricardo Rodriguez replied 5 years ago

I’d stay away from that one folks. Out of curiosity I clicked the link and
My antivirus software sent me a warning and blocked that page from opening.

Luis Cosme replied 5 years ago

yeah this video sucks and the economy is not bad

thks 4 boycotting regis corp replied 5 years ago


swcs100 replied 5 years ago

i got a visa debit card i can tell you numbers has only a few dollors on it
please pm

ognimoddd replied 5 years ago

Step 1: have a job. *The End*

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