Score Increases TU & EQ

Score Increases TU & EQScore Increases TU & EQ
Neila asked 4 years ago

My scores increased from 589 to 604 on TU and from 586 to 603 on EQ. My EX hasn’t moved yet from 577. I’m not sure what caused the score increase, I sent several goodwill letters for the removal of lates but I haven’t received any responses yet. I did PFD 8 collections but I still have 7 left on TU 8 left on EQ and 8 on EX, so I still have much work to do. Oh and I received my first CLI on a card that I opened in 2011, it has been at a $ 300 cl for all this time and last month I received a $ 1500 CLI. Anyways I’m expecting another increase shortly because one of my cards was reporting a 63% utilization and I have paid it down to 25%.

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