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viope asked 5 years ago

That sweet myfico alert sound went off on my phone. So I logged in and checked and I got a 12pt bum on eq and a 8 pt jump on ex haven’t seen what tu alert yet but it was due to my balance going from1690 out of 2k to 791 out of 2k can’t wait till I can’t get only one card reporting a balance between 1-9% to see were my scores go currently at eq-619 tu-642 still waiting for the score alert and ex-654.



Cant wait till march next year I will get rid of a ton of inq and all my new accounts will be at 1year old with only derog being a c/o car loan from 6/14 do you think I can crack 700 with that aging and all new good info and util % at 1-9% on one card. Still waiting for finger but c/o to get deleted from all three wondering if I will receive bump for that.

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