School me About Judgements…..

School me About Judgements…..School me About Judgements…..
Maximccv asked 5 years ago

One of the ugly derogs on my credit report is a judgement from Asset Acceptance, LLC from 2010. The amount of the judgment is $ 2045. 


I will be completely honest…at the time I really wasn’t concerened about it. I don’t recall what the debt was for, but I do recall that I called Asset Acceptance and made a few payments to them AFTER the fact of the judgement. I never actually went to court (yes….stupid, I get it). Basically, I could not afford to pay them and over time it just fell by the wayside. I was never contacted about this from anyone from then til now. 


I understand that judgements are a different animal than CA’s. On Credit Karma the judgement is listed as “filed”.  


Since I am currently in a rebuilding effort, what should my next step be with this? I understand that it could fall off in 2017, but I also understand that judgements can be renewed. Would I be poking a hornets nest at this point to make any contact with them? I honestly can’t afford to offer too much of a settlement, and I REALLY don’t want to wake a sleeping beast that could really hem me up…..


Any advice or suggestions welcomed! 

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