restart to rebuild, trying to get over anxiety

restart to rebuild, trying to get over anxietyrestart to rebuild, trying to get over anxiety
AngeloHix asked 5 years ago

hi all and thanks for this forum. several years ago it was a blessing as we used the tools to improve husbands score to buy our house. ff several years later and several life events that plummeted us; cancer, family death, near divorce, etc etc etc and here I am again. presently husband has filed ch 13 bc of all the crisis we had over a two yr period was only way to save house. only a few months in, it’s very stressful but we are determined to make it. as for me, I am not on the ch 13 but need to get myself rebuilt as well. it’s hard bc there’s not a lot of extra money from my income to pay down or use towards new credit. 


on a good note, I haven’t racked up any new bills in a very long time. on a bad note, that’s what is hurting my score. I started last month by pulling my free cr’s.  I was able to pay four med bills that were in ca directly to hospital, and in turn they were deleted. I also had two other accounts deleted that were reported in error.  I am on deferrment for my student loans until feb 2016. I had been falling behind and decided  in Sept to contact them directly. I had two different lenders and thankfully I was able to get them consolidated and deferred. they are reporting paid as agreed with only one late which sadly they won’t remove, but that’s ok. I’ll do my best to never be late again. I realized communication was key, rather than hiding in silence feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, when I finally reached out to them, nelnet, they were more than happy to help. 


all that is left on my cr is 2 med bills which is hurting me, the dr never filed w/ insurance but claimed they did. the insurance says no they didn’t. although it’s now to ca, I am the dr office and our insurance dispute resolution a letter ad cc  this week. I’m not disputing debt, I’m disputing the amount due, and will agree to pay the proper copay. if this fails, I’ll have to bite bullet , pay in full and use hippa. 


there is a capone charge off, 2012, 474 in ca but ca not reporting. I disuputed the amount bc my records show I had down to 234. they validated, I just want to pay and at least get zero balance. it will take some time to save for . 


co from wells fargo dealer services, going to try and do same, save for amount to pif and hope they accept pfd., if not, then once paid, i plan to gw them and hope for best. 


as I work on above, I haven’t been able to buy the real fico, so my fako scores CK are TU 579 and EQ 574. they have been up slightly, then 4 pts. came off when I cancellled our cable and went with a cheaper direct tv option saving us 80 a month. I also applied for NFCU secured loan, was denied sadly but on a good note, after reading here I saw where many people applied to fingerhut, I did and was approved their fresh start, so I’m going to make my first purchase w deposit on friday, pay for three-four months and hope I get converted to revolving. 

I’m hoping that helps a litte to show some new payment history, and help the mix as I have no cc on file, nor any new accounts to demonstrate pay history. I did try the cap one prequal site. it said I qual for a secured card. I decided it probably wasn’t best time for me just yet to add the HI, or afford that deposit, so I’m waiting to after the holidays and maybe in Jan after I get two payments reporting with FH, or maybe the better to have FH open revolving, I’ll try cap one again and see if I can get unsecured card.  Once the fh converts to revolving and if I do ever get a second chance and approval from cap one unsecured, I only plan to heed mom’s advice from long ago, buy a pair of socks, pay it off, repeat , and never be late. keep my utilization low low low and timely pays.


I do have a question though, I’ve read where these cards have helped so many rebuild but also read where low limits can hurt or not help very much. at present it’s all I have to start with , so do you really think w/ the FH and possible cap one, (even if I have to go secured w / them) will help get my points to the 600? that’s my goal for six months from now, have at least a 600, the medicals ca gone, and hopefully at least one of the two co paid to zero while working on pfd. 


I know this takes time. I just feel overwhelmed at times but think a lot has to do with also trying to deal with the ch 13. our first pay was may, but this is our second one, first dismissed, then he refiled, still waiting for confirmation, the trustee sends objections every month wanting more and more and now on strict compliance. it’s like an ax hanging over head re our house (which is our farm), if not able to successfully complete this then I’m worried how/where all the animals will go, as we also have rescues. it’s a lot of pressure. another reason why I feel I have to rush almost and fix my credit for the just in case life blows up again and our sitch w the ch 13 isn’t sucessful. 

I know all to well how major life events can come out of no where. just have to tell myself that we have taken the first steps to improve our situation and resolve these debts. 


thanks for this forum. it’s comforting to read the success stories, it’s comforting to know i’m not alone in this journey. 





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