Reporting a Collection as Late

Reporting a Collection as LateReporting a Collection as Late
MerrillSab asked 3 years ago

The only negative mark that I have on my credit report is a collection from a credit card I opened back in 2011. It went into collections in 2012. It’s been sold to two or three debt collectors. The last instance was about 2 months ago when it was sold to Calvary Portfolio. This collection has been reported as late every single month for years. Is reporting a collection as late every single month legal/accurate? I don’t have a contract to pay with anyone (aside from the original creditor). I’ve never even been contacted by a debt collector about this at all in any way. I tried calling Calvary and asking for validation to which I was told that it would take a minimum of 60 days to send me a letter in the mail, which seems like crap because if I dispute with a credit bureau they only have 30 days to respond. I also asked both Calvary and the debt collector who had it previously who is reporting this to the credit bureaus and no one took responsibility. One even told me it was probably Capital One (the original creditor.) Both parties also told me that the debt is what it is and I should know if I’m responsible or not and kept pressuring me to just pay. It seems to me that they may not have any proof of this debt.


Anyway, so my two-part question is:

a) is it legal/accurate to report a collection as late every month when you have no contract to pay it with a debt collector

b) since I’ve already contact 2 debt collection agencies about this, should I at this point just dispute it with the credit bureaus and hope it’s not confirmed as correct?


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