Removing Navient Student Loan Late payments

Removing Navient Student Loan Late paymentsRemoving Navient Student Loan Late payments
GeorgeFethy asked 5 years ago

So im new to myFico but has been working on rebuilding my credit for the past year or so and have seen alot of improvement. I started in the low 500s a year ago and has worked my way all of the way up to a Fico 8 score of 680 across all 3 bureaus. My last hurdle in restoring my credit is my student loans. I have a ton of late payment from 11 student loans accounts. They are currently in deferrment because i decided to go back to school. Navient currently owns them and i was wondering how should attempt to get these removes. They are reported accurately and I doesnt really no where to start. I got desperate and enrolled into Blue Sky Credit repair, but is skeptical on what they can really do. 


any suggestions?

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