Removing myself as authorized user.

Removing myself as authorized user.Removing myself as authorized user.
NahouseOVarl asked 4 years ago

I only have two Capital One cards (in just my name) I wanted another one, but they tell me I have too many cards with them.  I’m guessing it’s because my name is on two other accounts as an authorized user? 



My question is, would this hurt my score or improve it if I get myself off of that debt. 



The cards that I am an authorized user  is 2800 with balance at 2300  and the other card is 1800 with balance at 1300 


My capital one cards are 800 limit one with 300 and one with approx 175 balances. 


My credit cards are not great and I know the goal is 30% or under which is what i’m trying to do now. So do you think it’s a good idea to remove myself or just keep it?


My score is aboud 630(EQ) up to 650 (TU)


Macy’s 3500 (bal 400)

GameStop 950 (bal 80)

Fingerhut 1500 (bal 71)

Gettington 300 (bal 0)

Kohls 300 (Bal 180)

Shell 300 (bal 125)

Walmart 500 (bal 330)

Old Navy 200 (bal 0)

Overstock 250 (bal 0)

Credit One 600 (bal 340)








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