Removing myself as AU on partners card

Removing myself as AU on partners cardRemoving myself as AU on partners card
MichaelApash asked 5 years ago

I am an AU on a Bank of America Cash Rewards card.  The card originally had a limit of $ 9k and was opened last spring.  The card has served its purpose, as I no longer need any help with my utilization.


My thoughts were, remove myself as an AU on this card (also bc it has a 18k limit now and I have my own cards with 15k limits) and then call each bureau to dispute.  Wouldn’t this also give me a slight bump to my AAOA?  The card is always PIF’d so I am not worried about that part.  But if there is not going to be any significant boost to my AAOA then I am fine with leaving it.


We also have a joint account, my Amtrak, which is currently in the process of being changed to just me.  I was figuring it would look better to have more credit independence with BOA.



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