Remove and old account with one late payment

Remove and old account with one late paymentRemove and old account with one late payment
AshleyHaumn asked 5 years ago



Thanks for the great advice I found in this forum I was able to get my EQ FICO 8 in one week from 629 to 677 and EX FICO 8 to 667 (Not sure exactly what it was before, but likely in the same ballpark as EQ), I was amazed and very thankful to all the great tips and comments on the forums here.

1) GW Letter to Cominity – removed 2 late payments from 2014

2) GW Letter to Chase – removed 2 late payments from 2010 on a closed account

3) Checked reporting dates on old myFICO alerts, to find on which date each account reports and found which ones are in the next few days, lowered 2 balances on these accounts just before they reported (I have high credit utilization which is a huge reason for my low score). 


I do have a question though, I had another old account on Chase that was fully paid and closed in 2010, the account shows one late payment (30) in Sep 2010 which also when it was paid off and last reported and a $ 1 balance (although fully paid). I have contacted Chase and they replied that since the can’t access the account on the system anymore they offered to delete the account if I request in writing, however, this is my second oldest account (opend in 2003) and I’m not sure if this is wise. 


I wonder if it would be better alternative would be to dispute this late payment instead on the CRA website and remove it this way. 


So any suggestions of what do you think I should do?

1) Dispute the late payment on this account via the CRA


2) Ask Chase to remove the account (which they agreed to do). 


THanks again for all the great advice here!





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