Release of Judgment Lien

Release of Judgment LienRelease of Judgment Lien
Ernestacoub asked 4 years ago

So I had this judgment years ago.  Through my lawyer and the lawyer working on behalf of Citibank we came to a settlement agreement and it was taken care of back in 2013.  Never thought I could do anything about it untill coming across these forums.  It’s not scheduled to come off until fall of 2017.  So reading thru the judgment here are some excerpts from it.  I’ve read about people sending this type of info to the CRA’s and them deleting the public record.  Not sure if they just got lucky.  Is the credit report supposed to show “satisfied” or anything of that sort?  


Release of Judgment Lien is the title of the document. 


  “On September 2010 Plaintiff recovered a Judgment from (me), as defendant in Judgment in connection with accout number xxxx, an abstract of judgment of which was placed, and now appears, of record in….”


  “Whereas, such Judgment has been settled and compromised…”


  “Now, therefore, Citibank, Plaintiff, in consideration of the premises, does hereby acknowledge the compromise and settlement of such Judgment, and does hereby release unto the said any and all liens heretofore existing by reason of such judgment.”


Signed by lawyer on behalf of Citbank.


It’s signed by notary and shows date and time it was filed for record with the county clerks seal and stamp. Also states vol and page where it can be found. 


Is this useful to me for anything?

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