Refinancing a mortgage

Refinancing a mortgageRefinancing a mortgage
Edwardkig asked 5 years ago

My mortgage is currently held by Caliber Home Loans, which is who it was sold to after I bought my home in 2014. The current mortgage is an FHA loan and we’re trying to refinance to get out of paying mortgage insurance. I’ve been working with Caliber on a refinance for several weeks and the communication is very poor. Last week Friday, I received an email that my file was in underwriting. I heard nothing for a week. I wrote an email this morning and discovered my file hasn’t even been reviewed by an underwriter yet. Frustrating. I’m considering moving to a different lender but I have some questions:

1. Can I use the same appraisal that I have already paid for?
2. My middle mortgage score is 750. What seem to be the going rates for a 30 year mortgage for that score?
3. I had a short sale in 2010. Quicken Loans wouldn’t touch me for a refinance. They stated they need 7 years post short sale. Do any of you know of banks that don’t have those kinds of overlays for short sales?

Thanks, in advance, for your responses!

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